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Mind your clothes and manners when you visit Thailand

Are you planning to visit Thailand for the first time? Undoubtedly, you may feel anxiety about traveling for the first time to Thailand. There are various things that cause a sense of anxiety, such as cultural differences, food, language to the fear of smooth travel. Well, especially for you who plan to go on holiday to Thailand the first time, consider the following tips when you visit this beautiful country. Meanwhile, you can Visit the website of Kemala to find a great resort in Phuket.

Dress up

Perhaps on a trip to Thailand, there are one or two temples you will visit. As a place of worship, you should wear a polite dress as a sign that you respect the place of worship and the culture of others. Avoid wearing shorts or short skirts. Avoid also wearing a sleeveless top or top with a neckline is too low.

Reply Best Regards

When you meet the people of Thailand, you will be greeted with warm greetings. The greeting called “wai” is in the form of body language with a little head bowed while clasping hands in front of the chest. Reply the greeting in the same way. Meanwhile, if you want to greet a monk while at the temple, bend your body, bow your head and put your palms in front of your chest. This way, your presence will be well received.