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Foundation problems that affect your floor

As we walk and stamp our feet on the floor, we hear the sound of footsteps being created. However, sometimes the frequency of his voice is different from one surface to another. This could be a sign of an uneven floor surface. If you find an area on the floor where the sound is so deep and echoing, you should suspect the possibility of a large hole under the foundation. Meanwhile, if your foundation problem occurs due to the stump of your house, we recommend you to call the Reblocking Melbourne instead.

In addition, the normal ground surface may expand or widen. This happens because of the pressure from the soil, it can be gas, water content, or the presence of animals that build nests in the soil, or because of temperature changes that are not considered by the contractor before installing. As the soil becomes widened, it is marked by uneven floor or tile surfaces. If left too long, the tiles will crack because they can not resist the pressure caused by the development of the soil. For that, before installing the tiles, it is better not too tight and considers to provide space if the land at any time will expand or expand due to temperature changes.