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How to Overcome The Wall Cracks Translucent and the Cause

How to overcome the cracked wall you must know for the comfort of the house and its inhabitants. The cracked wall if left too long can cause rainwater seeping into the pores of the walls. As a result, the room in the house becomes damp. The problem of the cracked wall is closely related to the plastering and cement spraying when building the house. Plastering is a cover of brick or brick, made of a mixture of cement, sand, and water. The result of plastering pour still looks rough but neat and strong enough to cover the brick wall. While cement is a wall pour consisting of a mixture of cement and water only. Cement labels to the wall look very smooth and ready to beautify with paint. Wall plastering is done after installation of electrical installations, pipes and plumbing throughout the house. to get the quality of plastering and cement strong and durable, hence cement resurfacing done after plastering drywall 2-3 days. Further handling can contact Lewisville foundation repair.

In many cases cracked house walls, the main cause is the plaster of the wall of the house that has not dried properly has directly ached. As a result, the water content in the plaster is still saturated covered by cement that is watertight. Be easy wall cracked even cement off. There are many more things that cause cracked walls. The cracked brick wall was caused by an earthquake that caused the foundation of the shaking house. Such cracks cause bricks to break and cause cracks in plaster and cement. Cracks that occur are usually perpendicular to long or sideways. The crack gap will be wider when the building returns to move.

If there is movement on the foundation due to the earthquake and cracks occur but only the plaster and cement parts only. You still need to check it out. Did crack until brick breaking. If cracks occur only in cement, this indicates that your structure is strong enough. How to fix this crack is the same as before. Unscrew a one-centimeter rim to the brick and patch it with sand mortar with a ratio of 1: 5. Cracked walls in electrical pipes or water pipes due to pipe fitting slits not cut to brick. The gap is only made up to the brick only or the pipe is just placed on top of the brick then plastered back. This type of crack causes cracks gaps along the pipeline. For those of you who use wallpaper wall, first off the wall so as not to complicate the repair.