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Trimming Tree to Reduce Damage

Trimming trees during the late fall or early winter will reduce the pressure on the trees as loss of moisture/sap can be minimized. Trimming during the period is also better for the tree because it is unlikely that the “cuts” (crops) will be affected by the effects of insects or fungi known to be active in late autumn and early winter. Visit our website to get tree service.

The right time to prune a tree is after the leaves are falling. The condition indicates that the tree will be inactive until early spring. If during the year at different times there is a storm that causes the broken branches, it does not matter if you cut the branch as fast as possible without waiting for the winter.

Make a cut at the bottom of the limb. Initial cutting does not have to be done on all parts of the limb. This is done to prevent the occurrence of cracks that are too close to the trunk of the tree when the heavy branches are ready to fall. Cutting should be done on the side of the branch called the base/neck of the limb. The base of the branch is a small bark from which each branch stands out. You need to let the base of the branches remain intact, so do not cut the branches up flat with the main stem.

Cut the branches a few centimeters from the tree trunk. The second piece will be visible through the bough, on the outside of the first piece you made (farther from the tree trunk). Remove the branch from the area and leave the remaining short pieces. Make the right pieces to remove the remaining short pieces. You can create a new piece almost right at the base of the stem. This is a sanitizing step because it provides an opportunity for trees to recover quickly. Make sure that you really do not cut the base/neck branch. That part should be left intact.