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These are Three Fundamentals That Must Be In A Medal

If you often see an Olympics, maybe you will not be surprised again with the medals given to the winning participants. However, it should also be known that the medal can be made well at https://spartancoins.com/. there, you will get a medal with good quality and according to your needs.

So, you should know that on a medal there are some things listed. Usually included

1. The Olympic logo
This logo should be included in the medal so that many people know that the medal comes from the Olympics. For that reason why a logo that is on the medal should be equated with the existing logo in the Olympics.

2. Posts
Usually, in the medal, there is a writing of the motto or even the post of the Olympics. That is the reason why a medal should be equated with the Olympics that gave it.

3. Correct colors
usually, the medal color is adjusted to the medal rank, such as gold, silver and bronze medals.