How to Clean Your AC Unit

Perhaps, you make the decision to clean and maintain air conditioning system installed at your home. However, you must first know that the necessary tools must get prepared. This will help you save time and energy during the maintaining and cleaning job, right? Why don’t you hire aircon servicing?

Also clean the indoor part of the other unit, the evaporator. Actually, this part has not cleaned any problem, just clean the filter only, because the incoming dust stuck in the filter is quite tight. So just filter it. However, if you want to keep it clean, then prepare a plastic water container. Open the cover of the indoor unit, plug the water container plastic, so the water does not drip anywhere, be careful, spray pressurized water on the evaporator not to water about the circuit located on the right of the evaporator. After that also clean the blower and drainage water with pressurized water until clean. Once again do not forget, make sure the power has been turned off before cleaning your air conditioner.